On June 16–17, one of the most prominent motor sport events of the year in Estonia will be held – the Kiviõli Motocross Festival, with a World Championship event for sidecars and a European Championship event for quadracers. Just like previous years, the audience can enjoy also extreme hillclimb show, late night supercross and powerful LIVE bands.

Even though sidecar World Championship events have been held in Estonia before, the Kiviõli Motocross Festival is an international event with the longest tradition in Estonia, and not only in motor sports, but in other disciplines as well. Most of the tracks in Estonia and elsewhere are built in natural venues, whereas the Kiviõli motor centre was established on an old ash hill that is a unique phenomenon in the field and received recognition all over the world.

BUT, this year we are also giving families with children a great reason to visit motocross festival - we are opening massive Fun Park with 15 sports and leisure activities on our extraordinary landscape, which will offer exciting adventures for 2 year-olds as well as their grandmothers and grandfathers.

More information and tickets: http://motokross.ee/en/