SUPER NEWS for all families and children!

In 2013 we opened a ski and adventure tourism resort, which provides thrilling year-round experiences, on a 90 metre high artificial hill.
Now we are also giving families with children a great reason to visit us during the summer – we are opening 14 new sports and leisure activities on our extraordinary landscape, which will offer exciting adventures for 2 year-olds as well as their grandmothers and grandfathers.

WE ARE OPEN from 6th of June – 30th of August 2020

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Now, a little bit more about the attractions:

Exciting mining
Oil-shale mining along with six real excavators. Suitable for children aged 2 and older, together with parents. Children 7 and older can enjoy the attraction on their own.

Fire Fighting Academy
An adventure for the entire family. Includes a drive to the sight of the fire and the extinguishing of burning houses.

Boats with electric motors
An adventure for the entire family in 4-seat electric motor boats among the islands of the artificial pond.

Traffic Campus
Anyone who is uncertain when it comes to moving about in traffic is invited to visit the track, comprised of a separate area for small children and a large campus.

High-quality adventure park
Trails at four different heights, which are suitable for climbing starting from the age of 4. Bigger kids will definitely enjoy the 90 metre long back and forth rope descent across the pond, and the free fall jump.

Buggy Trail
Exciting trail for 2-seat buggies, with a parent behind the wheel and a map reader sitting next to them who is at least 3 years old.

Mountain Car Track
Driving cars equipped with brakes and a steering wheel along an asphalt track leading down the mountain, where the height of the driver must be at least 160 cm in order to ensure that their feet reach the brake.

Zip Line
Zip line riders travel along a 600 metre long line at a speed of approximately 80 km/h. Weight limit of 30-110 kg per rider. Zip line has separate dicket for 12€.

Playground for 1-3 year olds
A playground meant for the smallest visitors, designed on and around a wooden Sno-Cat.

Playground with an aeroplane for 4-10 year olds
A number of exciting activities take place in and around the 21 seat passenger plane, which is also one of the most prominent objects at the park.

 Disc Golf Park
Long open throwing areas, precise forest corridors and a big difference in height offer challenges on the artificial hill to players of all ages, to amateurs as well as those who are more advanced.

Summer Tubing Trail
Located across from the cafe. Ride up on an escalator lift and come down along an exciting plastic track. Suitable for big and small alike.

Bicycle Pumptrack
The attraction is relatively unique in Estonia. Exciting rides can be enjoyed with push bikes, bicycles, skateboards or inline skates along the wavy asphalt track.

Freeride Bicycle Trails
A unique trail, where those on the beginner’s trail (aged 4 and older) are lifted up by a 90 metre long escalator lift, and winter ski lifts are used to bring riders to the start of the longer, 1 kilometre trail. A standard mountain bike with front shock absorbers is suitable for riding downhill on the free-ride trails, which we also offer for rent on-site.

Science Theatre Performances
Taking place twice a day in the park’s show area, are educational performances on mechanical, physical and chemical effects, which are suitable for audiences of all ages.

Development project of the family tourism products 2016–2018

Grant receiver – SA Kiviõli Adventure Tourism Centre
Name of the project – Kiviõli Adventure Centre family tourism products

Donor: Support scheme for strengthening the competition of investments of the areas (PKT), which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund
Grant amount – 1,499 863.25 EUR

Summary of the project

Between 1922–1967 during the production of oil shale, 6.2 million tonnes of industrial waste was gathered on the Kiviõli ash hill. In 2013, we opened the ski and adventure tourism resort that provides thrilling year-round experiences on a 90 m artificial hill.

To cover the risks due to poor winters and in order to make the summer season more attractive, we are now creating a large amount of summer sports and free time services for families with children, which, together with the existing attractions, create a wholesome tourism product and bring 34,000 locals and tourists per year.

The following services offering a unique visiting experience will be ready on the extraordinary landscape in 2017–2018: oil shale mining, fire-fighting academy, traffic campus, high-quality adventure trail on poles, summer snowtube track with escalator lifts, disc golf tracks, bicycle pump track and downhill trails, water crafts etc.

Disc golf and high-quality adventure tracks are the first to open as of today.


Tegevus Hind
Up to 1m long guests Free
Pre-sale day pass 19 €
Day pass on site 22€
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) 68 €
Pensioner ticket 15 €
Disabled child ticket* 10 €
Pet ticket 2 €

BTW! Your Day pass ticket includes all activities except Zip-line, Freeride equipment rent and Motocross Center.
*. A person who is accompanying a person with disabilities is free of charge.

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