Good thoughts appear at our place! The main building of the centre has two seminar rooms with an amazing view of the hill: the second floor has rooms which fit up to 40 and the first floor up to 80 people, for organising training, team training, customer events or entertainment events. The rooms have a data projector, paper blackboard and a sound system.

The adventure centre has two car parks, which fit up to 400 cars, saunas and other entertainment opportunities. The cafe offers a catering service for up to 100 people at a time. The closest accommodation building is 50 m away from the main building.


Service Price
II floor room for 40 people
1 hour 20 €
1 day 130 €
I floor room for 80 people
1 hour 30 €
1 day 180 €

Hinnakirjas välja toodud hinnad kehtivad keskuse lahtiolekuaegadel!

Let us make the day exciting!