During september and october you can come to our center with your team to experience a fun motivationday.

Package includes:

  • Tasty snacks, also lunch and dinner
  • A race with timing system mountain cars
  • A zip-line ride
  • Exciting mining
  • Discgolf tournament
  • Two hours in private sauna
  • Dinnerparty in Hill Cafe

WANT TO HAVE A RACE? If you want to create a competition, then mountain cars with timing system, buggytrail (with closed eyes) and exciting mining with precision excercises are perfect for that.

Arrival snacks:

  • Sweet and salty pastries
  • Coffee, tee, water


  • Creamy salmon soup
  • Pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Bread, butter
  • Coffee, tea, water


  • Oven-baked salmon
  • Long-grain rice
  • Tomato-cucumber-red onion salad with balsamico sauce
  • Curdcake
  • Bread, butter
  • Coffee, tee, water

We also have a confrence room (for 80 people max) with a big terrace that is for rent.

You can also book accomodation for extra fee.


Send your quesions: info@seikluskeskus.ee


Package Price
Price per person, 10-50 people in one group 85 €