We have the only high-quality adventure park built on poles in Northern Estonia. The park, with four heights, is accessible to children who are at least 120 cm tall, as well as adults. Smaller, under 4-year-old children can go on an adventure on the lower track for toddlers.

Adrenaline is added by the Tarzan jump, free-fall jump, skiing, long air rides and the adventure to the observation tower where the view from the mighty hill can be enjoyed. The tracks also get more complicated higher up. The last 4th level and height demand good psychical conditioning as well as the courage to climb 12 m high.

Altogether, there are 43 different games in the park and the different directions of movement means 50 people can go at a time, as this is how many safety equipment sets we have right now. The last set of equipment goes on an adventure an hour before closing!

Come on an adventure!